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Its WEDNESDAY, you are halfway through your week and i know you are very busy, there is always something to do ….Before you start your day with checking emails, making first phone calls, or planning your day, join us for unusual PLANT Therapy session with HEAL EARTH. We encourage you to slow down for a moment.

Get your staff out of their office chairs and nurture your teams’ mid week spirit with hands on fun, mindful
eco-activity. You can also grab fresh coffee from the cafe and connect with other colleagues from other businesses and get networking if you wish to! Away from the day-to-day workplace, people can show sides of themselves that may not normally be obvious.

You will be making your own KOKEDAMAS!

Kokedamas are an essential PLANT addition to any home/office in need of a pop of fun and greenery. Fear not, these low maintenance balls of goodness will bring out your green thumb evoking your inner gardening gods and goddesses! This technique dates back to 15th century Japan. Kokedama in Japanese translates to Moss (Koke) Ball (Dama) which is exactly what we will make in this workshop, guiding you through all the steps.

This workshop includes:
An equipment and materials overview
A guided demonstration
Step by step instructions to create your own Kokedamas
Tips on how to take care of your new leafy friends
You will leave with:
BASIC Kokedama knowledge and know how to continue making these beauties at home
I kokedama to take home -£5 donation required to cover material costs
The skills to keep them alive and be a good Kokedama parent.

Kokedamas can also provide an innovative and exciting addition to your events as beautiful decoration in your studio, office or warehouse space. These fresh air plants are perfect for organisational & corporate events and help to literally change the atmosphere of the workplace!

Dip your fingers in the soil and moss.. Imagine for a minute that you are in the deep wild forest and you are enjoying the freshness of the air and the texture of plants and the earth.

*This workshop is particulary for any office based team members but general public are welcome to attend to. Please note places are limited.

HEAL EARTH run MINDFUL ACTIVITY SESSIONS connecting atendees with plants for offices, team or business.

We provide exciting presentations and workshops for many different types of groups, organisations and events. The presentations are fun and informative and you will learn all about the history of the traditional art.

The sessions are ideal as a fun activity for organisations and societies, for corporate group building sessions and are perfect for friends and family too.

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