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At Heal Earth, we share our passion and expertise about food and well being,  urban agriculture and ecology. Our human connection with food provide not only staple nutrition but also great social, cultural, health, and environmental benefits.

We offer advice and resources on how to set up and run your Community Food & Health projects and Programmes

Good ideas and solutions for your Food & Health Projects & Programmes

Looking for ideas on how to run a community food project? Looking for ideas and solutions for delivery community food growing projects, veg box schemes, community foraging and cooking, community catering, community pop up cafes ?

Planning and management

Getting a project off to a good start takes some careful planning, research and networking. Our  team can help  you  with your business plans, community involvement; meeting local needs; making links with policy; organisation and management structures, social enterprise.

Fundraising for your projects

We can help you with your funding strategy and making applications, where to go for grant funding, raising income from trading and supporters, and loans and investors.

Know your legal responsibilities

If you handle food, work with volunteers or deal with people’s personal contact information, there are certain duties that you need to carry out by law: food safety and hygiene, health and safety, registration and licensing, trading standards, data protection and insurance.

The bigger, and more complex your initiative or enterprise becomes, the more legislation you need to be aware, for example: employment law and equal opportunities, charity and company law, and contracts.

Staff, volunteers and training

Your most important assets are people, so make sure that everyone is treated fairly and trained to play their part as well as they can. We can  guide you on employing people and managing volunteers, and where to go for disclosure (criminal history) checks and training providers.

Networking and making links

Arranging to meet useful contacts in your area is the best way to let people know what you do and to find out what local support is available. We can give you ideas for where to go to develop your networks: community-led networks, local support structures, local support workers, community projects in your area.

Showing you’re making a difference

If you can demonstrate that your community food initiatives make a positive difference, you will find it easier to gain support for your business.

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