Corporate Team building

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We offer unique and rewarding team building and corporate workshops, courses,  development days in the heart of Liverpool as well as from nature reserves, parks, community gardens on the Wirral and Wales.

Test your teams’ resourcefulness and ability of team members to coordinate with one another in a challenging natural environment. Get your staff out of their office chairs and nurture your teams’ strengths in a natural environment.

Away from the day-to-day workplace, people can show sides of themselves that may not normally be obvious. Different people may excel in different areas.

Programs can be created to meet your needs, either to enhance teamwork or just to have a day doing something different.

The instructor will run a debrief at the end of the day to draw out what participants have learnt
and how these lessons can be applied once you have returned to the workplace.

How will a team building experience benefit my team

Builds interdependency
Enhances creative thinking
Fosters innovation
Requires patience, determination and persistence
Increases confidence
Improves observation skills
Increases respect for nature
Creates a sense of empowerment and achievement
Builds a deeper connection with nature and ourselves
Reduces stress through interactions with the natural environment
Creates stronger bonds between individuals
Pushes people out of their comfort zone, allowing that comfort zone to get bigger
Helps to highlight which of your team members emerge as leaders

Courses, workshops cost

The price of each course varies as it depends on the exact content of your event, numbers participating and venue. We will provide all food, soft drinks, technical equipment and tuition. Please contact Heal earth for a quote.

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