The Beautiful Parks Project – Heal earth vision and the story of dreamers and growers by Ronnie Hughes

Heal Earth Vision Imagine an organic farming revolution. One that builds soil rather than depletes it and saves seed rather than destroys it. Right now, millions of women are behind this work. They believe in tomorrow. And their work is changing the world. Behind Heal Earth there are some incredible women and men working together to bringing this […]

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WOOD WORKS FOR WOMEN Why working with wood and other women can heal

WOOD WORKS FOR WOMEN Why working with Wood and other women can heal As a young girl,   I was living with this great craving for working and living off the land somewhere in the countryside, yet my world was far from it, being brought up in post communistic Warsaw in Poland on the concrete housing estate.  […]

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Women Makers Programme

  Women Makers programme “Empowered Women Empower Women”   Heal earth is creating movement of women carpenters, Growers, builders, diy experts, educators, artists and engineers who are dedicated to creating sustainable and healthy communities. Women Makers Programme (“Do-It-Yourself”) mission is to increase women’s interest, confidence and success through  creative conscious designs,arts and traditional crafts and making  […]

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Do you think women can make good woodworkers, carpenters, builders? Why or why not?

Power tools and woodwork

Do you think women can make good woodworkers, carpenters, builders? Why or why not?  Watch this inspirational video about Barbara Jones that talks about her career as a builder, and the sexist and misogynistic attitudes she encountered while training in carpentry and how we can change it. On Tools Barbara Jones initially founded the building […]

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Plant Therapy

balls DESCRIPTION KEEP CALM AND MAKE KOKEDAMAS MORNING TASTER! Its WEDNESDAY, you are halfway through your week and i know you are very busy, there is always something to do ….Before you start your day with checking emails, making first phone calls, or planning your day, join us for unusual PLANT Therapy session with HEAL […]

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