Designs to heal yourself, land & spaces

We specialise in the landscape design of therapeutic gardens, interior and exterior healing spaces, well being zones, festival pop up gardens, restorative landscapes, sacred gardens, community gardens, school food gardens, forest gardens, edible landscapes and backyard-scale edible gardens.

Creative Workshops & Courses engaging people with plants, nature and outdoor spaces

Heal earth offers a unique programme of hands-on doing workshops combined with mindful personal reflection, which enables our clients to enjoy to restore balance and connect with in the heart of the city. We offer workshops, courses in: food growing, healthy eating, nutrition, fasting, foraging, sustainability, economics of the future, permaculture, woodworking, carpentry, mindful crafts, land art, eco-art, horticulture therapy, deeply assisted mindfulness in nature.

Garden Education for social change

Heal earth offers unique educational programme for schools combining food growing, gardening, mindfullness lessons with the worlds of drama and art. Through practical, outdoor lessons pupils discover how to design their own school edible and sacred gardens, learn how to grow and nurture plants and in doing so create vibrant and productive gardens and a sense of ownership. All lessons are linked to national curriculums