Women Makers Programme


Women Makers programme

“Empowered Women Empower Women”


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Heal earth is creating movement of women carpenters, Growers, builders, diy experts, educators, artists and engineers who are dedicated to creating sustainable and healthy communities.

Women Makers Programme (“Do-It-Yourself”) mission is to increase women’s interest, confidence and success through  creative conscious designs,arts and traditional crafts and making  through innovative educational experiences, Eco therapy  and mentor relationships.

Heal earth aims to create supportive community for ladies driven by an interest in creating and building their own DIY projects in crafts, interior and landscape design, natural building to transform environment in which they live.

This is an opportunity for women to connect with their inner potential; understand what holds them back; gain insights from natural systems that are embedded within permaculture principles, using Eco therapy facilitation approaches; and learn with other women how then can become more empowered.

Women makers Programme uses a three-branched program approach that integrates engagement, empowerment, capacity building, to ensure continuity women’s development and success.

We will offer short and long term courses, summer programs that provide hands-on experiences in the following:
natural building ( building small structures,  she –sheds, garden architecture)
environmental design
gardening &food growing
Eco-art therapy

If you  are business or organisation that would like to help donate materials  or  would like to sponsor scholarship or course  for one of our less fortunate women please get in touch at healearthuk@gmail.com


Power tools and woodwork

to register for more course contact Aleksandra Ola Rug,
Founder and Facilitator
Heal Earth enterprise
M: 07501323837
E: healearthuk@gmail.com

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