Do you think women can make good woodworkers, carpenters, builders? Why or why not?

Do you think women can make good woodworkers, carpenters, builders? Why or why not? 

Watch this inspirational video about Barbara Jones that talks about her career as a builder, and the sexist and misogynistic attitudes she encountered while training in carpentry and how we can change it.

On Tools

Barbara Jones initially founded the building company Amazon Nails.  Many members of this company now work with Straw Works.

Welcome to Straw Works









Many members of this company now work with which specialises in straw-bale building. This is an environmentally friendly technique that uses sustainable materials to create unusual and beautiful buildings. It is no accident that Jones is committed to ecological as well as feminist ideals. An important strand of the Women’s Liberation Movement overlapped with the emerging Green movement in the 1970s, eventually forming a rich branch of eco-feminist philosophy. This was informed in particular by the ideas of the Indian activist Vandana Shiva, the French philosopher Françoise d’Eaubonne and the American philosopher Susan Griffin. You can hear more about Barbara Jones’ sense of their relationship in her oral history, as well as in Rebecca Johnson’s account of living outside and on the land as a peace activist at Greenham Common.

Women in Action Making beautiful things, can you imagine what else is possible









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