Conscious Design

Designs to nurture yourself and your land. 

Heal earth designs incorporate: Sensory, edible, sacred, restorative, memorial and healing aspects. Our designs provoke curiosity, they are sustainable and creative, encouraging clients to join together with others to grow a new story in which the seemingly impossible is continuously in a process of becoming possible.

We specialise in the landscape design of  therapeutic gardens, healing spaces, well being zones, restorative landscapes, sacred gardens, community gardens, school food gardens, forest gardens, edible landscapes and backyard-scale edible gardens.

Landscape design

Do you have an unused space that you would like to develop into an urban oasis? Somewhere you can relax, enjoy nature and grow your own food. Heal earth designs  a wide range of designs from the size of playing fields to individual planting beds.

We plan for the future – we provide planting plans and schedules including wildlife and edible planting so your garden will change and grow over time.

If you want to bring energy and atmosphere of wild places into your garden or space, while incorporating sustainable living, growing your own food, all in harmony with nature, Heal earth designs are for you.

Congruent with the ethics and principle of Permaculture, the process of design is as important as the product. Therefore we involve you at every stage of the design process empowering you to make the best choices for your health and space you are intending to transform.

We listens to your needs and  ideas for designs with creativity, passion and integrity to produce professional, personalised landscape designs to scale, related plans, sketches and documents.

While considering environmentally ethical responsibilities, Heal earth works with nature to create outdoor spaces which are therapeutic, environmentally sustainable, functional and aesthetically beautiful to enhance lives.

Conscious Landscape Designs


Horticulture Therapy has been documented to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate. re intended to promote interaction between sensory responses, healing, restorative benefits, feelings of peace and tranquillity and an awe of nature.  We can all benefit from natures ‘therapeutic gifts’ by reconnecting with nature.

Permaculture designs rejuvenate land and provide valuable tools for sustainable food sources and eco-systems.

Creating environments generates an ecological awareness of the impact on our earth. Heal earth stands strongly behind the belief to create a positive awareness of environmental and sustainable practices . Sound conservation principals are design considerations due to an intrinsic connection with the land, sense of ethical responsibility and affiliation with nature. Design concepts include water management, healing plant choices, solar and environmental aspects, sustainable and recyclable materials.


Areas are designed to provide practical, low maintenance, livable outdoor spaces that last many years. Horticultural knowledge ensures the plants within the design are suitable for the climate and location and provide the desired effects.


It is imperative that the garden or space  is designed to be aesthetically pleasing.  A sense of aesthetics is not something gained through study, although there are many techniques used in designing such as balancing harmony, functionality, spatial dynamics and visual impact.  Human interaction with our natural environment manifests instinctive feelings, intentions and attitudes which foster an understanding that we are the environment, not a separate entity.

Aleksandra Ola Rug is an independent designer and consultant who works for individual clients, she will design specifically to suit your needs and desires.
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