Healing through art

 Creation and healing are the same energy. They transform pain, rather than being destroyed by it. Art heals by accepting the pain and doing something with it.
(Art Heals: How Creativity Cures The Soul. By Shawn McNiff, 2004)


We don’t plan for  burn out, depression, cancer or other sickness. Often these experiences catch us by surprise and can dramatically change our lives. When they do, we need to find a new way of living, sometimes temporarily.

On my personal journey I found that immersing myself in any form of  Art can be a great healer and save lives. True healing is not waiting for time to heal. It is creating the opportunities where healing takes place, and the process of mending can make us stronger.

When we create art, we make something that did not exist before and can preserve it to enjoy. Our interaction with art provides a break from the pace of routine, where we can notice the unique.


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