Aleksandra Ola Rug

Founder and Director
Workshops Facilitator and Consulatnt

Happy willow weaving

Ola‘s diverse experiences utilise her qualifications in Permaculture Design, Social and Therapeutic Horticulture, Healing through Arts to enhance lives through creating outdoor sacred environments, healing through art and environment workshops and programs.  She is a passionate foodie & grower, maker, woodworker and healer, managing her own business as well as working within the community.

“Many of us have had the peaceful tranquil experience of walking in a beautiful woodland or setting foot on a relaxing beach.

Yet it was by the bedside of my mother looking out the hospital window did I come to realise the vast underutilisation of natural spaces and environment to bring about profound healing and measurable change in people.

My background in landscape architecture and eco-therapy enabled me the experience of working with psychiatric patients;  simply changing their environment and doing little else led to transformations that astounded the psychologists observing my study.

During my studies I was tasked with helping people see the value in a tree. It may seem alien to all those who consider it commonsense yet my job was to derive the economic value and function of the trees on the Warsaw banks of the river; fortunately we were successful and the trees, I hope, are pleased we managed to save them.

I feel most alive when I can bring natural life and vibrance to a once desolate space in a aesthetically pleasing and therapeutically supported way.

I look forward to hearing about your vision and how you wish to change or further enhance the environment in which you contribute to the world.”

Ola holds  MA Degree in Landscape Architecture (2003) from Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland), Postgraduate Diploma in Spatial and Urban Planning (2004) from Warsaw Technical University (Poland), Faculty of Architecture, Spatial Planning Department, Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Development in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture  Coventry University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy (2006) in collaboration with Thrive

In 2012 she  received a Permaculture Design Course Diploma from the hands of Jillian Hovey, founder of the Sustainable Living Network, co-leader of permaculture design course organized by the food cooperative Organiclea in London.

In Poland Ola worked for Landscape Architecture Design Studio on several commercial landscape design projects, then as Specialist for National Foundation for Environmental Protection on creation of European nature reserve network.

Whilst living and working in London for  13 years she  worked on several urban community garden projects and nature reserves, through working for London Wildlife Trust, Tower Hamlets and Newham Council Parks and Regeneration Team.

Ola successfuly lead multi-disciplinary workshops, community initiatives and projects, events and festivals, providing consultancy for local groups in the field of community development, ecotherapy, permaculture, arts for wellbeing and urban green regeneration.

Her career path led her to work with people from all walks from life and those who suffer the most and are very vulnerable in the society due to their ill health and mental health issues, hence her other passion -Ecotherapy.

In 2007 I received Mental Health Award for the best contributions to social inclusion from Camden Primary Care Trust and the best Ecotherapy project in North London – Budding Together.

Ola’s  professional clients have included the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), schools, charities, homeless shelters, Councils, support groups and hospitals.

At Heal Earth:
Ola devises, delivers and evaluates bespoke workshops, projects and designs within a range of settings working to agreed planned outcomes for individuals, professionals and organisations. She designs healing spaces, runs individual ecotherapy practice and social and therapeutic horticulture projects, collaborates with other health practitioners  and specialists on well being programmes for individuals and communities.

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